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The Whip Queen

The name "The Whip Queen" was given to our founder, Juli one evening while sharing her goals about the business with a very close friend. He told her, "I'm gonna call you the Whip Queen", and the name took on a life of it's own.

Born in Lakeland, FL, The Whip Queen has acquired vast educational background in public administration and law. Despite that, her passion for helping others and her love of home and natural remedies have proven to move her more than any other career venture she's had. 

She studies essential oils and spends 15+ hours a week researching. She relies heavily on the expertise of her retired Chemist sister (now a stay at home mom) and her friend Cory, a pharmacist for advice when it comes to portions and recipes. 

She's inspired by Proverbs 31:18-20 and commits every butter she blends to The Lord.